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Line 37

وَحَمْزَةُ مَا أَزْكاهُ مِنْ مُتَوَرِّعٍ

إِمَاماً صَبُوراً لِلقُرانِ مُرَتِّلاَ

The sixth Imam was Hamzah. Imam Shatibi uses the words (أَزْكاهُ) referring to purity, meaning the Hamza was of those who concentrated on purification of the heart, he was of the Mutatahharrin, and (مُتَوَرِّعٍ), referring to a quality called Tawarru’, meaning he was cautious as what he ate and spoke and did, he did not go into doubtful or blameworthy things..

His full name is Hamza bin Habib Al-Zayyat. He was born in 80 Hijri. He saw some of the Sahabah. He was the Imam of Qira in Kufa after Imam ‘Asim. He passed away in 156 Hijri.

Line 38

رَوَى خَلَفٌ عَنْهُ وَخَلاَّدٌ الَّذِي

رَوَاهُ سُلَيْمٌ مُتْقِناً وَمُحَصِّلاَ

The first narrator of Imam Hamza is Khalaf. He is Khalaf bin Hisham Al-Bazzar Al-Baghdadi and his Kunya is Abu Muhammad.He was born in 150 Hijri. He was considered a Thiqa (one strong in memory and knowledge). And a Zahid (One detached from this world). He passed away in 226 Hijri in Baghdad.

The second is Khallad. He is Khallad bin Khalid Al-Shaybani Al-Kufi and his Kunya is Abu ‘Isa.He was an Imam of Qira, A thiqa and considered one of the ‘Arifin (those with knowledge of Allah).He was born in 116 Hijri and passed away in 220 Hijri.

Khalaf and Khallad did not read directly to Imam Hamza. They read to Imam Sulaym bin ‘Isa l-Kufi and Sulaym read to Imam Hamza.

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