Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The wisdom behind the controlled nature of courting (dating) in Islam

We see the wisdom behind the shariah now. It sets boundries,It is a protection mechanism, it prevents people from getting hurt, families from splitting, chaos from occurring. It installs a sense of peace in our hearts.

If the intention is for the sake of Allah to get married then it should be that way. Dating, no matter how we look at things complicates things. One person could become more attached to the next and become emotionally scarred if the relationship is broken off.

Therefore the best solution is marriage. If a man and a woman come to an understanding that they are attracted to each other and are interested in seeking a loving relationship with each other and they are ready to get to know each other then they should reach a mutual agreement between themselves and their families for a marriage to take place.

They should then court each other for a period enough to make a decision about whether they want to end up being married or not. They should seek the devine council of Allah in the matter and continue to be steadfast in their acts of devotion towards themselves, their families and friends, fellow mankind and Allah.

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