Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The essence of a dua is that it is similar to a hypnotic nlp experience. It hits the emotional componant in the brain through the will of Allah and done with the correct intent and sincerity following the sunnah guidelines of dua, it helps to program the subconcious and the world which the indivudual interacts with achieve the goal of the dua.

A scholar makes a good stand in his jumuah talk highlighting the person that beseeches forgiveness from an action that defies the law of Allah. This forgiveness can only truly be realised if the individual has the particular capicity to forgive another individual in the same way. He also highlighted a daleel through a hadeeth where a group of sahaabah made the salaah for rain and nothing became of it. The prophet (saw) enquired if anyone in the community had not paid their zakaah. With a pattern applied, zakaah is equated to rain?

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