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Letter in response to a person curious about Islam

All Praise is due to the Almighty by Anonomous user

I greet you with greetings of PEACE.

Reading your letter brought back vivid images, like watching a home made
And yes, I do remember what I wrote to you.

It is very seldom that one finds someone who actually ponders on what
one says and tries to implement it. Many people of this world go through
their days and through life listening and holding conversations with no
real meaning and never reflecting on those.

So I'm real glad to hear that you took my words seriously and that it
has affected your life by creating this quest within you.

What is truth?
What is reality?
What does it really mean to posses inner peace?

You say that you "found" this individual who posses inner peace. What
makes YOU belief he posses inner peace?
What do YOU understand by inner peace?

If you read on... and if you allow... then I will certainly address
these questions and provide you with definite answers... because, yes,
there are real answers to these pertinent questions
it comes back to the age old human quest for trying to understand:


Let me first explain this to you as it could prove critical in changing
your life forever from this moment on.

Consider a sponge:

On the one hand I have a sponge that is saturated with water and on the
other I have a completely dry one.
The scenario is this: I spilled a glass of water on the table. Which
sponge do I use to soak up the water? The saturated one or the dry one?
I will be foolish if I choose the saturated one over the dry one,
because logic tells me there is no way that the saturated one can soak
up any more water than what it already contains, therefore logically,
the correct option would be for me to use the dry one, as this could
absorb all the spilled over water.

Likewise, a person who asks for advice, but comes with preconceived
ideas and knowledge will not be able to benefit from the advisor as long
as the seeker holds on to those ideas of old.
For the seeker therefore to benefit from the advisor, it would prove
essential for the seeker to squeeze out all his/her previous ideas so
that the seeker can absorb all of the advice of the advisor more

It is for this reason therefore that I ask you, for your own benefit
(for I would derive nothing out of this for myself), to forget about
your previous notions and ideas.

This is vitally important for as an American citizen especially, because
the western media has so distorted and demonised the reality of my
religion, Islam that all Westerners are viewing this religion, this
other, those barbarians, those extremists, those backward people: ISLAM
& MUSLIMS as demons and inhumane and as the above (barbarians,
extremists, terrorists, backward people).

But the truth is this,

Firstly, the Arabic word ISLAM is derived from the root word "SALAAM",
meaning peace. Therefore, Islam is a religion of PEACE. ISLAM means to
submit willingly to the will of God (the issue on the existence of a God
I will discuss later & I will also show how inner PEACE and Truth go
hand in hand).

Therefore, secondly, Muslims are taught to be compassionate individuals
for our religion is just not a religion with ceremonies, symbols and
rituals. Rather it is a way of life, it is something spiritual,
something intangible and therefore cannot be touched. So no matter how
hard the west is trying to destroy the image of Islam, they can never
touch Islam because of it being intangible.

Thirdly, all scientific knowledge that we have today exists because of
the advancements Muslims made in the various sciences (Mathematics,
Science, Medicines, Geography, Astronomy and even technology) while
Europe still lived in the dark ages. Muslims, or rather Islam
institutionalised the notion of humanity.

All of these were taught to us Muslims by our holy Prophet Muhammad
(Peace be upon him [PBUH]). He displayed the most perfect of character.
He was the most compassionate man ever, and showed utmost respect to
every human and creature.

So now let us come back to the 3 questions:
What is truth?
What is reality?
What is inner peace?

What is truth?
There are different truths in the world, or at least different people
hold different truths. But the critical factor in finding out the truth
is by means of evidence or proof or facts. So if people claim to hold
truths then they have to provide evidence/proof or facts. True?

If you truly one to know the truth then you have to make the firm
intention and put in the effort to search for the truth. Because those
who truly want to find the truth will be guided to it: "And God does not
change a condition of a person unless they change the condition of
themselves" (Quraan).

So if you make the firm intention to want to find the truth and you make
the effort to do so then surely you will be guided to it.

Study the scriptures of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
Upon proper scrutiny and analysis you will find many uncertainties, many
discrepancies, many falsehoods, many lies.

The reason for it is simple: all these scriptures are man made and has
been distorted. And man can never do anything perfect.
Consider the Bible for example. In the very beginning it speaks of the
creation, on each of the 7 days God created something, it is only on the
4th or 5th day that God created the sun. But a scientist would then ask,
and even a logical individual would ask: How is it possible that we have
4 or 5 days passed by without there being a sun in the first place. In
other words how is it possible for a day to exist without the sun?
Such contradictions we find over and over in the Bible, in the Torah and
in the Hindu and Buddha scriptures.

Don't get me wrong, the Bible and the Torah were divine revelations,
until man distorted it to suite his fancies. That is the reason why
these scriptures contradict themselves and that is the reason why many
people, especially Christians are resorting to Atheism.

However, in Islam, our holy scripture does not contradict itself in
anyway, neither does there exist any error in it. In fact the reason
Muslims were the leaders in the various sciences mentioned above is
because of the fact that all sciences and all knowledge are found and
starts from the Quran.

For example in the Quran God speaks of where the two seas meet and the
two seas don't flow into one another. This has both a scientific and a
spiritual meaning (each verse of the Quran has many meanings, a general
meaning as well as deeper meanings). I want to speak about the
scientific meaning. God revealed this fact to our Prophet (PBUH) over
1400 yrs ago. It is only recently (a couple of decades ago) that a
French diver witnessed this phenomena right here on my door step --- at
Cape Point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Furthermore this
also refers to another phenomenon only recently discovered and this is
the fact that scientists discovered that in an estuarine system the salt
water and the fresh water meet but do not flow into one another. This
verse therefore also refers to this phenomena.

There are thousands of other scientific evidences in the Quran that has
only recently been discovered or is still waiting to be discovered. This
therefore proves this scripture is a divinely revealed one and every
word is exactly as it is as it came down to our Prophet (PBUH) over 1400
yrs ago just as God has promised, God promised that he would preserve
this scripture forever, unlike the Torah and Bible before it.

Furthermore, of all the scriptures, the Quran is the only one that
actually has the name of the religion it speaks of in it. Why is that?
The reason is simple, because the other scriptures were changed to suite
the people at the time, whereas the Quran simply preaches the Truth:

The Truth therefore being God. And the way to God is to follow the
guidelines God has set out for us in order to reach him and these
guidelines are what are to be found in ISLAM.

ISLAM is therefore a way of life where you are always conscious of the
presence and existence of God and therefore always submitting to him.
ISLAM has all the answers to your personal problems and to the problems
we face in the world today, for it is a holistic and complete doctrine.

Every detail of the life of a human and society has been addressed by
ISLAM. The reason it is able to do so is because it is guidelines from
God to man to best conduct him/herself in life, to live a balanced and
peaceful life by obeying what he has instructed us by.

All these guidelines in ISLAM is simply, to make us come to realise
inner peace.
For inner peace means to be contempt with no matter what happens to you.
So if you end up in a car accident and your car is a write off, then
your first response would not be to curse, rather you would actually
praise God for being alive. This is contemptment, to be satisfied with
no matter what, knowing that everything is because of the Will of God.
This is inner peace.

So I ask you, that individual you spoke of, would he be able to feel
contempt if something like that happens to him?

That is why Islam is to submit to the will of God.

Inner Peace therefore goes hand in hand with the Truth,

The Truth is that there is only One God and that his last messenger is
Muhammad (PBUH).
Accepting this lays the foundation for inner peace.

Reality therefore is this, to accept that we were created to serve only

So now you would probably ask: is there really a God?
You would probably say: But science proves that there is no God?

Islam says:
Is it necessary for a subject of a king to first see the king before he
will accept that he is ruled by a king?
No, there is no need for the king to reveal himself to his ordinary
subjects, because his soldiers, his infrastructure, his minister, his
authority is too well established in his kingdom to confirm his

Likewise, the King of kings, God has provided enough evidences for
humans to accept his existence. These evidences are in the form of his
Messengers and his divine books and his creations.

To the second comment, Islam says:
Science proves that the Big Bang theory is the start of life. The Big
bang theory stipulates that the Universe began by a nucleus exploding
from zero gravity and then expanded and grew from there.

This theory just proved the existence of God!

Zero gravity means there was nothing, because nothing has zero gravity.
The Big Bang was therefore from nothing.

What does God say in the Quran: "I created everything from nothing"...
"All I say to a thing is Be! And it is."

After reading this, if you have reached this point ... I do apologise if
this offended you, But this is the Truth.

So if you are still willing,
Yes, I would like to meet you when you come to Cape Town, that is, if
you still want to after reading this.

Anyways keep well,
And if I never see you or hear from you again,
Have a great life, and I hope you realise the Truth.


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