Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Karmic Islam and daleels for the existence of karma.


The purpose of this text is to demonstrate and explain the existence of the concept of Karma (cause and effect) and how it affects human beings and societies. In a broader context we wish to explain the methodology Allah explains in the holy Quraan and other sacred texts as a guideline to managing the life of an individual as well as a society, civilisation and the world in general.
In theory Karma is simple.

If we take science we know that every action has a reaction, something can either exists or not exist. Energy transferred from one location to another location. What is the cause behind this transfer of energy?
If we look at this concept at a divinity or religious level we have God. God being the creator of everything and the cause and effect of everything. Most religions have a concept of good and evil which can be equated directly to love and fear. In eastern religions this is further defined in yin yan as female and male energy.
In scientific terms this would be light and dark and in mathematical terms would be 1 or 0. In practical terms this would be on and off or simply existence or non-existence.
The world we live in is defined and governed by opposite forces. As human beings we are faced with these opposite forces throughout our lives.
In essense our lives are governed by these opposite forces. Human beings use various ways and methods to maintain control over these forces. Religions are the maintream ways of how civilisations make sense of all the forces. For myself, I chose Islam to help be maintain a level of control over these opposite forces. The Quran is presented in a way as well to display these opposite forces. It is a powerful tool that contains many secrets.
In Islam, muslims believe that God judges by the sincerity of our heart, the intentions resulting from that sincerity and the actions resulting from that intentions. The seat of the character of a human being is vested in the heart. The heart being the center of the body, or sometimes referred to as the solar plexis or heart chakra. The physical heart, that pumps blood throughout the physical body to provide it with a means to sustain itself. This is in essence supporting the nafs. Intellectually the physical body is controlled by the processes of the mind, of which the center is the physical brain of the human being. The mind also consists of the subconcious, which human beings access in the dream state as well as has access to the soul. The soul is how God defined a human being, their character, their talents, their purpose, their background, their destiny, essentially everything is defined in that soul. In scientific terms this may resemble the genetic structure (GNOME) of a human being or DNA.

The soul is cabable of accessing God, the creator of that soul directly. It can experience and tap into the power, knowledge and other attributes of God during the living state, if God so wills to share it with that soul.
Every soul will experience God in the death state because the soul is released from the physical body and mind in that state, unless otherwise.
The 3 levels of a living thing discussed previously are defined by the shariah (physical body) practising the rules of Islam with the physical body worship. In Islam this includes the 5 principles as well as the shahadah. , taugheed (mind) realisation of Gods existence with the mind, and Al-Ighsaan (spirit) worshiping God as if you see him.

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