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The Fourth Imam - Ibn ‘Amir

Line 32

وَأَمَّا دِمَشْقُ الشَّامِ دَارُ ابْنُ عَامِرٍ

فَتْلِكَ بِعَبْدِ اللهِ طَابَتْ مُحَلَّلاَ

The fourth imam is Ibn ‘Amir. His name is Abdullah bin ‘Amir Al-Yahsabi. His Kunya is Abu ‘Imran. He passed away in 118 Hijri

Line 33

هِشَامٌ وَعَبْدُ اللهِ وَهْوَ انْتِسَابُهُ

لِذَكْوَانَ بِالإِسْنَادِ عَنْهُ تَنَقَّلاَ


The first of the two known for making this recitation famous is Hisham bin 'Ammar bin Nasir. His Kunya is Abu Al-Walid. He was the Imam of his time in Dimashq. He was born in 153 Hijri and passed away in 245 Hijri.

Ibn Dhakwan

The second is Ibn Dhakwan. His name is Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Bishr bin Dhakwan Ad-Dimashqi. He was the Shaykh of recitation in Sham (Syria). He was born in 173 Hijri.

Hisham and Ibn Dhakwan tok their Qira directly from Ibn ‘Amir with no student between Ibn ‘Amir and the two.

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