Friday, December 07, 2007

The Hikam of Ibn Ata’Illah - Chapter 13

Cleave to the attributes of His godhood and realize the attributes of your slavehood

Hikam 126

He has forbidden you to claim what is not yours of what belongs to other creatures.

Should He permit you to claim to be what He is, when He is Lord of the Worlds?

Hikam 127

How should there be broken for you the laws of nature, when you have not broken those of your own nature?

Hikam 128

The point is not that there be seeking: the point is but that you be provided with good manners.

Hikam 129

Nothing pleads harder for you than utter need, nor is anything faster to bring divine gifts than humiliation and want.

Hikam 130

Were you only to reach Him after your misdeeds had all been eliminated, and your pretensions all obliterated, you would never reach Him.

But rather, when He wants to make you reach Him, He conceals your nature with His nature, and covers your attribute with His, and makes you reach Him by what is from Him to you, not what is from you to Him.

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