Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Islam - the middle path

Islam is a balanced way of life. Islam allows a person to progress and progress. Igshaan (excellence in the worship of Allah as if you see him) is very often mistaken.

An angle to excellence in worship that many have forgotten, may very well be defined as seeking your talents, developing them and using them to support yourself and to serve mankind and therefore indirectly serving Allah.

This can only be achieved by constantly seeking the middle path, balance and moderation in all our actions.

We can utilise the technology that Islam offers us to help us seek and prosper on this path.

Patience, hard work, helpfulness, kindness, compassion, reflection and meditation are all attributes of people, that want to reap the fruits of the ultimate goal.

It must be noted as well, that one attribute compliments the other e.g. hard work and patience, kindness and compassion i.e. practicing one will help enhance the other.

We have experienced that extreme practices (either good or evil) leads to hypocrisacy in the heart and eventually leads to greater problems of the heart (backbiting, envy, pride).

We can use salaah to seek patience and reflect, and we use zakaah or charity to drive compassion and kindness. We should though make sure that we take care and moderation of even these practices since.

Does every action seem to result in a reaction?

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