Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The show off spirituality

Many of us fall into this trap, we do bad all our lives then at one point we do good.
The problem is we tend to show off in this way.

We speak about spirituality as if we own it, or as if we are masters of it.
In fact we have become hypocrites. The condition of our hearts before have just adopted a new fashionable thing.

The greed for status, power and popularity within us have led us to develop a new way of becoming known in the eyes of man. In essence it is just another way of becoming a pop star.

We need to remove this condition from our hearts and revert to a balanced way of life once again.

We need to transform ourselves through secret worship of the Almighty Allah and secret charity.

In this way we learn that Allah decrees everything and we can't do anything without the permission of Allah.

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