Thursday, December 08, 2005

Release of innocent

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Sir/ Madam

I’m writing here to appeal for the release of Muhsin al-Khafaji as there is no reason whatsoever to imprison him. If he’s being put behind bars, God knows alone what conditions his being exposed to, because of him trying to reveal the Truth then I honestly don’t know what the outcome of this day and age will be as the leaders plays dumb or turn a blind eye. I mean in the sayings “and the Truth shall prevail” there is so much wisdom. By looking at a new born baby we often wonder why we are so attracted to these special beings. The reason is simple, ever pondered upon a baby’s cleanliness? Well all these purified attributes stems from Truth. Yes, a new born hasn’t lied, a new born hasn’t sinned, and a new born wouldn’t lead the world for the sole purpose of World Power hence doing everything it has to that gets in its way to attain that. If a baby would be a follower of all this then we as grown ups wouldn’t feel this state of peace around them any longer. Babies are lovers of Truth and if Muhsin al-Khafaji is being locked up because he is a lover of Truth then lock up all babies, I’m sure the US wouldn’t mind. We all have those qualities we once had when we came out of our mother’s womb the only difference now is that we have matured and acquired various forms of knowledge; our aim now would be to use that knowledge in a constructive manner by living in peace with one another and revealing the Truth by being Lovers of the Truth just as we once were when we were babies.

This is a humble request for the release of Muhsin al-Khafaji and many others who have been falsely accused and imprisoned because of them wanting to reveal the Truth.


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