Friday, March 20, 2015

Remedies to Cleanse the Heart

  1. Recite a portion of the Quran on a daily basis or as often as possible.
  2. Try to be in a state where you feel hunger or eat less. Eat only to sustain yourself and not for pleasure.
  3. Practice qiyam ul layl by breaking your sleep during the middle of night for any type of ibadah (worship). This helps with better focus and concentration.
  4. Make dua and supplications during the final portion of night with intense humility. There are hadeeth which support this in which Allah swt descends to the earth in last third of the night to answer those who make dua.
  5. Maintain suhba and close contact with people who aspire to be closer to, and who are closer to Allah. It is well known that those who you associate with on a regular basis, a profound influence on your character.

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