Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dar al-Mustafa Dowra 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Please find below the latest information on the Annual Dowra Summer Intensive in Tarim, the Annual Visit of Prophet Hud (peace be upon him), and enrollment at Dar al Mustafa and Dar al-Zahra.

Dar al-Mustafa Summer Dowra 2012

Anyone who wishes to apply for the 2012 Summer Dowra at Dar al-Mustafa and Dar al-Zahra in Tarim may now do so by going to www.thedowra.com

Dates of the Dowra: 1st July – 5th August 2012 (11th Sha`ban – 17th Ramadan 1433).

This year’s Dowra takes place in the blessed months of Sha`ban and Ramadan. Students will be fortunate enough to experience the month of Ramadan in Tarim.

The Annual Visit of the Prophet Hud

The great annual Visit of the Prophet Hud (peace be upon him) will take place this year a few days before the Dowra. Brothers are strongly recommended to come early to attend the Visit.

The Visit will start around 26th June and continue until 30th June 2012 (6th – 10th Sha’ban 1433).

Visas may be arranged for those who wish to come for the Visit only.

The Visit is for men only, but we will endeavour to arrange a separate visit for sisters and any brothers who are not able to attend the main Visit.

Studying in Dar al-Mustafa and Dar al-Zahra

Anyone that wishes to study in Dar al-Mustafa or Dar al-Zahra this year 2012-13 should contact daralmostapha@gmail.com asap.

The academic session starts in Shawwal (at the end of August), but students must apply now and are advised to attend the Dowra first.

Allah yaftah alaykum.

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