Friday, July 31, 2009

This blog contains some posts on notes I have gathered over the years from various websites, some from teachers, some from friends and some of my own research.

I have been looking to compile a suitable set of notes on influential muslim scholars and their contributions toward science and technology from the time of the Prophet (SAW) up until today.

Organisations and groups of scholars like Muslim Heritage have done excellant work so far in capturing the legacy and contribution of muslim scholars of the past with works such as 1001inventions. Many of the posts on this blog I dedicate to them with the work 1001 inventions highligting the research and work of muslim scholars that helped to build the foundations for modern day technology.

Soon inshallah, I will be launching that will include the notes from this blog as well a few more features.

Effort will be made to summarise the muslim scholar contributions towards the Islamic civilisation and the world in general in all fields including education, art, literature, economics, law, town planning, engineering, science, technology, chemistry, medicine, mechanics, astronomy, mechanics, astro physics and many more.

Will keep everyone posted on the progress.

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