Friday, July 11, 2008

Notes on the Awarif –Ul Maarif a work by Shaykh Shahab ud Din Suhrawardi - Key notes from the chapter Being a Shaykh

Key notes from the chapter 'Being a Shaykh'

The rules of being a Shaykh are fifteen:
  1. The purifying of resolution and the searching for the cause.
  2. The knowledge of capacity.
  3. Being pure (having no part) in respect of the mureed’s property.
  4. Offering.
  5. Concordance of deed with word in invitation.
  6. Compassion for the weak.
  7. The purifying of speech.
  8. Exalting the heart to God in the state of speech.
  9. Speaking ambiguously.
  10. Preserving the mysteries of the mureed.
  11. Pardoning the mureed’s blunder.
  12. Descending from (passing over) his own right.
  13. The allowance of the mureed’s rights.
  14. The distributing of the times in respect of khilvat (retirement) and of jilvat (rapid circular motions).
  15. The increasing of the works of supererogation (nawafil).

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