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Chapter two - The codes for the Seven Imams of Qira-aat

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The system used is the Abjad Hauwiz System.

Certain Arabic letters are used to represent each Qari from among the seven. Each Imam has two narrators. Seven Imam’s, each having two narrators (Rawi’s) make up the fourteen Riwayat(modes/dialects/narrations) of recitation. These Imams are represented in Tartib (in an orderly way).

Here is an example:


A = Nafi B = Qalun J = Warsh

The first Letter represents the Imam, the second his first Rawi(Narrator) and the third letter represents the second Rawi.

Here is a sample, followed by the Arabic verse, followed by the 21 letters used and then the entire table of code with each Imam

فالألف لنافع

والباء لقالون والجيم لورش

والدال لابن كثير ................................

الراء للكسائي

والسين لأبي الحارث والتاء للدوري

جَعَلْتِ أَبَا جَادٍ عَلَى كُلِّ قَارِئٍ

دَلِيلاً عَلَى المَنْظُومِ أَوَّلَ أَوَّلاَ

Here are the letters used by Imam al-Sahtibi

أبج دهز حطي كلم نصع فضق رست

Here is the Arabic outlining the Imams with the codes:

أ – Nafi ب – Qalun ج – Warsh أبج

د – Ibn Kthir ه – Bazzi ز – Qunbul دهز

ح – Abu ‘Amr ط – Duri ي –Susi حطي

ك – Ibn ‘Amir ل – Husham م –Ibn Dhakwan كلم

ن – ‘Asim ص – Shu’ba ع– Hafs نصع

ف – Hamza ض – Khalaf ق – Khallad فضق

ر – Kisa’I س – Abi al-Harith ت – Duri رست

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