Friday, December 28, 2007

The Hikam of Ibn Ata’Illah - Chapter 16

Hikam 148

When a sin is committed by you do not let it make you despair of attaining uprightness with your Lord, for that one may the last ever destined for you to commit.

Hikam 149

When you want Him to open you the door of hope, behold what is from Him to you.

And if you want Him to open you the door of fear, behold what is from you to Him.

Hikam 150

He often benefits you in the night of distress, what you have not benefited in the dawning of the daytime of elation:

You know not which of them is nearer in benefit to you.

Hikam 151

The horizons whence illuminations ascend are hearts and souls.

Hikam 152

A light is reposited in hearts that is maintained by the light coming from the treasuries of the unseen.

Hikam 153

There is a light by which He shows you His effects, and a light by which He shows you His Attributes.

Hikam 154

Hearts sometimes halt with lights, just as selves are veiled by the opacity of things besides Him.

Hikam 155

He has veiled the lights of inward souls with the coarseness of outward appearances

out of reverence for them;

lest they be made low and common by being divulged, or be called on aloud by the tongue of fame.

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