Monday, December 17, 2007

The Hikam of Ibn Ata’Illah - Chapter 15

Hikam 142

People praise you for what they suppose you to be.

So blame yourself for what you know it to be.

Hikam 143

The believer when praised feels abashed before Allah to be extolled for a trait he does not see in himself.

Hikam 144

The most ignorant of people is someone who disregard what he knows about himself

for what other people think about him.

Hikam 145

When He allows you to be praised and you do not deserve it, then praise Him as He deserves.

Hikam 146

Ascetics when praised are dismayed because of seeing the praise from their fellow man;

While gnostics when praised are elated, because of seeing it from the True King.

Hikam 147

Whenever you are happy when given to, but unhappy when withheld from,

you may infer from it that you are still in your dependency, and that you lack sincerity in your servant hood.

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