Friday, November 30, 2007

The Hikam of Ibn Ata’Illah - Chapter 11

Hikam 105

Let the pain of tribulation be lightened for you by knowing that it is He Most Glorious who is making trial of you;

For Him from whom you are faced with the blows of fate is He who has accustomed you to His choosing well.

Hikam 106

Whoever thinks His loving kindness is ever separated from His ordaining fate, does so out of shortsightedness.

Hikam 107

It is not to be feared that the paths will confuse you, but only that whims will defeat you.

Hikam 108

Glorious beyond ken is He who has veiled the secret of electhood in the appearance of humanness, and who is manifest through the mightiness of Lordship in the very showing of one’s slavehood.

Hikam 109

Take not your Lord to task that what you seek is slow in coming; but take yourself to task that your manners are slow in coming.

Hikam 110

Whenever He makes you obedient outwardly to His command and bestows you surrender inwardly to His irresistible power,He has shown you largesse beyond thanking.

Hikam 111

Not everyone truly of the elect has yet been freed of shortcomings.

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