Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sainthood from detachment

While many people are growing up, they certainly are reliant on their parents. They see things in them that they don't want to see in themselves.

They try to improve those things in every way to such an extent, that it may even become a competition. They use the character of their parents as a

They are dependant on their parents for the different necessities of life. These may include love,
shelter, food, clothing, guidance and support.

As they grow older they slowly start to lose those needs one by one and find the needs elsewhere.

It is commonly known that most people only completely become independent from their parents once they reach about 40 years of age. The final break away would be more on a psychological or spiritual level than physically or emotionally.

They have now encountered and experienced different aspects of themselves and found their needs in other places besides that of their parents or guardians.

They truly find a sense of inner peace, their direction in life is set and they are true to their own integrity.

During the process of detachment from the parents for short and longer periods of time, the person may experience different levels of awareness at different times.

They will experience states of ignorance or sin as well as states of enlightenment, happiness or good deeds.

This will help them to develop a sense of tolerance.

The more they can tolerate, the less they can judge. The less they can judge, the more they can relate to people doing what they did. The less they can fear, the more they can love.

The longer the periods they endure away from their parents, the more their wisdom and knowledge improves for only time itself acts as a lesson through experience.

They become true seekers of knowledge. Their knowledge is gained and sustained through those that taught them in life and through the struggle of their life experiences. They read knowledge but only as a guide to what is already sustained in their being. They are now free from the reliance of their parents, the character traits and their legacy.

It is true that a great saint, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an orphan.

He was given the gift by the Almighty God to experience a detachment from his parents from an early age. He experienced total detachment from more than one of his guardians during his childhood as they passed on.

He experienced the worst of sinners and the best of saints during a period of time determined by Almighty God and developed tolerance.

As an orphan he matured and already grew up as a child.

He progressed in sainthood during his adulthood, which culminated in being granted prophet hood by God after the age of about 40.

He traveled to distant places detached from his loved ones to reflect and develop consciousness of the creation of the Almighty God.

He left the comfort of his home to relay these reflections to mankind.

He experienced total detachment from the visible reality during his night journey where he met Almighty God face to face.

He truly conquered his fear through the love of the Almighty God.

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